+  For ongoing news, visit Hoedspruit Endangered SC or join Save our Rhino.

+  May 8, 2016.  On the 90th birthday of Sir David Attenborough, and South Africa's Mothers' Day, six more slaughtered in the Northern Cape near Kimberly:  netwerk24.com

+  April 2016.  Another mother rhino slain: video

+  April 2016.  68,000 python skins seized in a single incident: nationalgeographic

+ April 2016.  Another three in an area once totally safe for big game: second-attack-reserve/

+ April 2016.  Yet more killed in specialized reserves that are far from the northern border of South Africa. It indicates the degree to which smuggling networks can infiltrate an African country. heraldlive.co.za/rhino

+ March 2016.  As predicted, Chinese incentive is mobilizing locals within South Africa to butcher the handfuls of rhinos in dedicated, small wildlife parks, mostly along the eastern edge of the country, e.g. lloyd/post1 and rhinofoundation.

+  27/02/2016.  Yes, the Chinese eco-invasion of Africa has been a root cause: elephants-crime/

..... many incidents.....

+  08/11/2015.  Another four Chinese, this time in Tanzania, also with nearly a dozen rhino horns: tanzanian-police-arrest-4-chinese 

+  01/11/2015.  Asian instigators in Zimbabwe have their ID protected: top-cop-fingered-in-poaching

+  29/10/2105.  Only one country seems to be linked to 'large orders' for ivory and horns: 60 Elephants-cyanide 

+  China has begun to buy up the mineral wealth of South Africa: rio-tinto-and-anglo-sell-palabora-to-chinese-group 

Since new Chinese mines appeared (a source of cyanide) in southern Africa, Mozambique has lost half its elephants in 5 years. In response, there is complaint that South Africans shot some poacher "compatriots" in the KNP.

22/10/2015.  Four Chinese dealers caught, which explains how Namibia has lost 77 rhino this year. (Only one or two were being lost in previous years.)

+  20/10/2015.  The Queen is hosting the Chinese chairman. On the same day, other chairmen pledged R660 billion investment for industry in South Africa. Meanwhile, Prince William has been appealing against the love of ivory, but it wasn't announced on any main facebook pages or on TV hardly. A chairman agreed to a one-year ban on ivory trade. That should be enough time for more mines to be operating in SA. As in Zimbabwe, will wildlife waterholes suddenly acquire cyanide?  timeslive.co.za 

+  Sunday, 27th September 2015.  8 more killed in Imfolozi-Hluhluwe.

+  21/09/2015.  What it's like at a poaching incident: TheSanWildRhinoSanctuary/photos

+  22/08/2015.  'Save the Rhino' declared that the Sumatran rhino is extinct in Malaysia.

+  The Western black rhino Diceros bicornis longipes was declared extinct in 2011 (black_rhino.)
+  The Northern White Rhino can no longer reproduce, and the Southern subspecies has lost safe ground, e.g. 749-animals-killed.)

+  For ongoing news, visit Hoedspruit Endangered SC or join Save our Rhino.

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